Annie Oakley

Updated Sep 18, 2020
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A photo of Annie Oakley - famous rifle shot and star of " Buffalo Bill's Wild West" show. She became an international star.

In 1903, a journalist published a story that she had been arrested in Chicago for stealing a pair of men's pants so that she could sell them for money to buy cocaine. Newspapers all over the US picked up the story.

Annie disputed the story, saying the she was retired and living in New Jersey. Upon further checking, it was discovered that there was a woman named "Any Oakley" in jail in Chicago: a burlesque performer.

Since she had built her career on her clean living (no smoking, alcohol or drugs), Annie sued 55 newspapers for libel and received over $250,000 - the moral of the story: Always check your facts!
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In 1903, it was reported that Annie Oakley was arrested for stealing to support her cocaine habit. Was she a cocaine addict? Read the full story
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