Asa Johnson Family, Virginia 1949


Photo Details

As a widower, my great-grandfather, Asa Johnson, married at age 75 to a spinster of the same age. This did not set well with the family, as she had announced the intended marriage before he even asked for her hand. Asa was too much of a gentleman to deny her claim, though. This photo is a family get-together where everyone seems to be having a good time. It's also one of the rare photos showing his second wife, Miss Eva, smiling.

In this photo: Frank David Johnson, Agnes "Billy" Cook Johnson, Joseph Sherwin Johnson, Margaret Estelle (Gary) Johnson, Asa Johnson, Richard "Dick" Sherwin Johnson, Eva Alexander Johnson, Margaret Louise Johnson, A. Byron "Bo" Johnson, Louise J. Johnson, and A. Byron Johnson, Sr.
at Miss Eva Alexander and Asa Johnson's home at 5111 Evelyn Byrd Road in Westover Hills, in Richmond, Virginia United States of America