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Daniel Pinna shared a photo
on Jul 25, 2011 1:23 PM
2/8/12 Update:
Thanks to everyone's help, we believe we have identified this woman as being Virginia Bruce. While Claudette Colbert was a possible match, the photo that Judy contributed ( [external link] ) shows a striking similarity.

Virginia Bruce, born Helen Virginia Briggs, (September 29th, 1910 - February 24th, 1982) was an American actress who was featured in many films during the 1930's-40's, including "The Bad Man of Brimstone", "Society Lawyer", "The Invisible Woman", "Pardon My Sarong" and others.

Original Post:
This photo is of an absolutely beautiful celebrity. I do not know the name of this woman or have any other details outside that the photo looks to have been a celebrity photograph.

Can someone help provide details about this celebrity photo?

I picked this photo up in an antique shop in San Jose / Santa Clara California.
Date & Place: in USA

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