Bertha M. (Patenaude) Meade

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Bertha M. (Patenaude) Meade
This is a photo of Bertha M. (Patenaude) Meade added by Brigette Meeker on June 18, 2020.
Date & Place: Not specified or unknown.
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Bertha was born in 1912 MA so this photo was probably taken in the1930s? The combination of her serene face and the fashion (the lace!) make this photo a real family treasure.
Delores Doty Jones
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Bertha M. (Patenaude) Meade
Bertha M. (Patenaude) Meade was born on May 28, 1912, and died at age 83 years old on October 24, 1995. Family, friend, or fan, this family history biography is for you to remember Bertha M. (Patenaude) Meade.
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Brigette Meeker
I"ve been collection family tree data for about 15 years. its nice to find space to fit all the data together. Our family is a lot of gathered nationalities Norwegian, and German being the most prominent with Irish, French, English and Welsh as well as some Jewish.
Lori Russell
My mother is Pamela Thompson. My dad is Richard William Russell.
My mom grew up in Fenwick Michigan. My dad grew up in Hart Michigan. They had 2 kids together. Living in Michigan.
Roxanna Colon
About me: I haven't shared any details about myself.
Sherry DeRoche-Beacom-Cooke
Fifth great granddaughter of Pierre Lafitte, fifth great grandneice of Jean Lafitte by birth. Marriage to Cooke of England/Oklahoma/Texas. Also looking for Gabriel Sturkey, Plum Branch, SC, who left military academy, joined Confederacy, fought with Custer, Mexican war, early Hoods Texas Ranger. Left for Texas and changed his name to Jesse Patrick Chastun. Admitted on his death bed that he was in fact, Gabriel Presley Sturkey of SC.
Daniel Pinna
I want to build a place where my son can meet his great-grandparents. My grandmother Marian Joyce (Benning) Kroetch always wanted to meet her great-grandchildren, but she died just a handful of years before my son's birth. So while she didn't have the opportunity to meet him, at least he will be able to know her. For more information about what we're building see About AncientFaces. For information on the folks who build and support the community see Daniel - Founder & Creator.
My father's side is full blood Sicilian and my mother's side is a combination of Welsh, Scottish, German and a few other European cultures. One of my more colorful (ahem black sheep) family members came over on the Mayflower. He was among the first to be hanged in the New World for a criminal offense he made while onboard the ship.

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