Bertha M. (Patenaude) Meade

This is a photo of Bertha M. (Patenaude) Meade added by Brigette Meeker on June 18, 2020.
Date & Place: Unknown
May 28, 1912 - Oct 24, 1995

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Brigette Meeker
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Ancient Faces
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Bertha was born in 1912 MA so this photo was probably taken in the1930s? The combination of her serene face and the fashion (the lace!) make this photo a real family treasure.
Jun 18 · Reply
Delores Doty Jones
Nola Masters-Marchment
Delores Doty Jones it sure does looks great
Richard Carpenter
Color just makes it so more real. That is amazing!
Marie Gonzalez
75 favorites
Very pretty lady
Jun 18 · Reply
Beth Van Tilburg
What a loving smile!
Kat Krause Summers
Brenda Bilger
What a beauty!
Carol Strube
Pretty lady
Sherry Richmond
Wonder what happened to the lace?
MariaCristina DeSoto Tina DeGroot
Such a sweet and demure smile . Very beautiful. I wonder who inherited her lace and pearls .
Van Le Au
Pretty cool lady
Bob Gaines
My Mom was born in 1912, died in 2008. Miss her still!
Van Le Au
Pretty cool lady
Misty Eliana Pierce-Levinson
Most people did not smile for photos back then. She's a real trendsetter!
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