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I've "rescued" a group of 5 photographs belonging to the BLAIR Family of Minnesota. The first is one of Hattie Elizabeth BLAIR LLOYD which was taken at the Charles A. Tenney's Studio in Winona, MN. It appears to have been taken in the 1880's with Hattie likely in her teens or 20's at the time. The second photograph is one of Henry LLOYD who married Hattie BLAIR. This was taken at the same studio sometime in the 1880's with Henry appearing to be in his 20's at the time the photograph was taken. The third photograph is one of Hattie BLAIR LLOYD and George Adam LLOYD who is identified as 10 weeks old at the time the photograph was taken, again most likely in the 1880's with Hattie likely in her 20's or 30's.

The 4th photograph is one of Alice BLAIR and Florence BLAIR CROSS which was taken at the Barr Studio in Winona, MN sometime in the 1890's. The two children in this photograph appear to be about 2-5 years old at the time it was taken. The final photograph is one of the BLAIR Family including Burr Deuel BLAIR, his daughter Alice H. BLAIR MEYER, Ernest D. BLAIR, their Mother Clara BLAIR, and Burr B. BLAIR. The three children range in age from about 5 year to early teens and the parents likely in their 40's. Based on limited research I was able to locate the following information regarding this family:

Florence BLAIR was b. abt 1866 in Saratoga, MN to parents George Wells BLAIR (1831-1897) and Melissa Sophia or DEUEL or DUVAL (1832-1918). Florence was one of 5 children born to this couple including, George Ney; Burr Deuel; Harriet E.; Alice “Effie” M.; and Florence BLAIR, all born between 1855 and 1866. Florence married Eugene E. CROSS (1859-1928) and she died in Tulare on 28 Jun 1943.

Burr Deuel BLAIR (1858-1940) was married to Clara GERDTZEN on 2 Mar 1898 in Winona, MN and their first child, a daughter Alice Henrietta BLAIR b. in Winona, MN on 19 Dec 1898. They also had a son Ernest Daniel BLAIR b. 15 Dec 1902 in Winona, MN, and another son Burr Gerdt BLAIR was b. 28 May 1905 in Winona, MN and died in Los Angeles Co., CA on 30 Jan 1972. Their son Ernest married Thelma HOILAND (1916-1992) and he died 30 Oct 1988 and is buried in the Woodlawn Cemetery in Winona, MN. His parents Burr and Clara are buried in the same cemetery.

Census records provide the following details regarding this family:

1860 census of Winona, MN:

George W. BLAIR, age 28, a Farmer, born NY
Malicia BLAIR, age 27, born NY
George N. BLAIR, age 4, born MN
Burr D. BLAIR, age 2, born MN
Harriet C. BLAIR, age 4 months, born MN
And living directly next door – Charles L. BLAIR and Sara E. BLAIR

1870 census of Saratoga, MN:

G. W. BLAIR, age 38, a Farmer, born NY
Melissa BLAIR, wife, age 37, Keeping House, born NY
George M. BLAIR, son, age 14, Farm Laborer, born MN
Burr D. BLAIR, son, age 12, a Farm Laborer, born MN
Carriet BLAIR, age 10, born MN
Elwin BLAIR, age 25, a Farmer, born MN

1880 census of Saratoga, MN:

George W. BLAIR, age 48, a Farmer, born VT, parents born MA/VT
Melissa R. BLAIR, wife, age 47, Keeping House, born NY, parents born NY
George M. BLAIR, son, age 24, son, Teaching, born MN
Burr D. BLAIR, son, age 22, a Teacher, born MN
Harrit E. BLAIR, dau, age 20, at Home, born MN
Florence E. BLAIR, dau, age 14, at School, born MN
Alice E. BLAIR, dau, age 14, at School, born MN
Alice M. BLAIR, dau, age 4, born MN
Florence BLAIR, dau, age 4, born MN

1900 census of Palisade, SD:

E. E. CROSS, age 40, born Aug 1859, married 9 years, born WI, parents born NY/Canada, a Hardware Merchant
Florence E. CROSS, wife, age 33, born Dec 1866, married 9 years, no children, born MN, parents born NY
+ 1 Servant

1910 census of Winona, MN:

Burr BLAIR, age 50, married 12 years, born MN, parents born NY, a Private Lawyer
Clara BLAIR, wife, age 39, married 12 years, 3 children/3 living, born MN, parents born Germany
Ellis BLAIR, dau, age 11, born MN, at School
Ernst BLAIR, son, age 7, born MN
Burr BLAIR, son, age 4, born MN
Adolf GERTZEN, brother-in-law, age 40, born MN, parents born Germany
+ 1 Servant

1920 census of Winona, MN:

Burr D. BLAIR, age 61
Clara BLAIR, age 49
Alice H. BLAIR, age 21
Ernst D. BLAIR, age 17
Helen BENCK, age 15
Burr G. BLAIR, age 4

1930 census of Chicago, IL: - living in the home of Bidwell CLAYTON

Burr G. BLAIR, age 24, born MN, parents born MN, an Insurance Broker

1930 census of South Harbor, MN:

Burr D. BLAIR, age 71, married at age 39, born MN, parents born VT/NY
Clara G. BLAIR, wife, age 59, married at age 27, born MN, parents born Germany

1940 census of New York, NY: - living at Hotel Marguery on Park Avenue

Burr G. BLAIR, age 34, an Insurance Broker, born MN

I am hoping to be able to return this group of photographs to family and would appreciate you contacting me if you are a member of this family or you know someone who might be related.

Date & Place: in Winona, Winona County, Minnesota United States 55987

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AncientFaces commented on Feb 07, 2017
A Minnesota photo that's lost its family - love the little boy's face! Can you reunite them?
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