Brazilian Empress Teresa Cristina

Updated Mar 31, 2021
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Teresa Cristina was the daughter of the Duke of Calabria and she married the Emperor of Brazil when she was 21. (He was 17, it was an arranged marriage - a state marriage.) (It is believed that the Emperor received a picture of her before their marriage that was actually of a more beautiful woman. They then had to get dispensation from the Pope to marry because they were closely related.)

After their marriage by proxy, the Emperor finally saw her - then immediately turned around and left. She wrote home: "I know my appearance is different from what has been announced. I will make every effort to live in such a way that nobody will be misled by my character. It will be my ambition to resemble the nature of Dona Leopoldina, my husband's mother, and to be a Brazilian with all my heart in everything I do."
Date & Place: in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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