Brien Edward Smith (b. 1970-living) Son of Michelle Elizabeth Johnson Smith (b. 1947-living) and Steven Edward Smith (1947-deceased)

Updated Jul 22, 2021
Michelle Smith
Michelle Smith shared a photo
on Jul 21, 2021 10:51 PM
This is my handsome middle adult son, Brien Edward Smith. Today he is 51 years old so I am guessing he was in his early 30's when this photo was taken. He now has a 16 year old Son. He has a private detective license in California and has worked in various facets of law. He is self-employed and loves to plant a vegetable garden every year like my Dad did. I am very proud of all his skills and he continues his education with online classes right now. His son has also been taking online classes but will soon return to his Junior year in high school on ground. Time does seem to be going by faster in my mind. These photos all prove it to me. Wasn't I just in my 50's? Hmm, guess that was 20+ years ago since I am now in my 70's!
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