Carol Yawn

Carol Yawn's picture was in a great aunts photos. I don't know if he is realted to the Bowen or Gill families of Central Florida or if he might have been a friend from the service.
Date & Place: in Birmingham, Alabama USA
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Greg Yawn
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Carroll (correct spelling) Yawn is my grandfather, I have a few pictures of him close to this time, I beleive this was taken at the Babson Park Packing House in central Florida where He met my Grandmother Hazel Jackson, Her Mother, Olive was a Gill. This picture was probably taken in the early 1920's I know this because He grew a mustache to make Himself look older after my Aunt was born in 1926. He always wore a mustache until His death in 1981 at 76 years of age. His DOB is 09/05/1904
Mar 16, 2010 · Reply
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