Celine Des Rosiers

Wedding photo of Celine Des Rosiers at the time of her marriage to Arthur Francis Jacques
Date & Place: in Michigan United States
Updated Nov 02, 2018

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Ancient Faces
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A far cry from today's wedding dresses, her late 1800's wedding dress still has its own charms.
Nov 02, 2018 · Reply
Kathleen Fitzgerald
Beautiful as the first day
Nov 02, 2018 · Reply
Brenda Bilger
i bet it was expensive back then, pretty
Nov 02, 2018 · Reply
Linda Kachel
my grandmother 1908 .. quite similar, but less ornamentation
Nov 02, 2018 · Reply
Anna Gardner
Oh my gosh, I love her dress, elegant in its simplicity, and she is so pretty.
Nov 02, 2018 ·
Linda Kachel
Thanks Anna … she had just turned 15 … so young
Nov 02, 2018 ·
Donna Bodger Dean
I think it is beautiful!
Nov 02, 2018 · Reply
David Phelps
WoW, she Cuite.
Nov 02, 2018 · Reply
Christine Pietrandrea
She's got a valance attached to her chest.😶
I swear....this is what my grandmother would have confirmed too.
Nov 02, 2018 · Reply
Heather Olmsted
Nov 02, 2018 ·
Anna Gardner
It’s lovely and so is she.
Nov 02, 2018 · Reply
Becky Kelly
Nov 02, 2018 · Reply
Jean Payne
Her dress is lovely. She is covered all the way up to her chin. Pretty lady.
Nov 03, 2018 · Reply
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