Chaffee homestead in Sheshequin, PA

This is our family homestead in the depression days. The farm had 40 acres and was purchased in the 1860's and sold in 2010. The Chaffee family of 10 were poor but proud. They worked the farm and churned butter and sold it in Towanda, PA. They had chickens, pigs, cows, and a horse. They raised crops and my Great Grampa Fred and Great Grama Marie were trained nurses. The barn went first and then the house fell down in the 1960's, by the looks of the roof in this picture, it figures.
Date & Place: at Sheshequin, PA in Bradford county, Pennsylvania USA
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Updated Sep 07, 2018

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1930s PA - A family of 10 lived in this house. It was on 40 acres, bought in the 1860s, and the family were hard workers.
Sep 07, 2018 · Reply
Andrea Perry
Love this ❤️
Sep 07, 2018 · Reply
Jean White
171 favorites
Many today's folks would perish!!
Sep 07, 2018 · Reply
From fatigue!!! :)
Sep 07, 2018 ·
Susana M Frushour
Starvation from keeping their faces in the Phone.
Sep 07, 2018 ·
Becky Kelly
Love these old pictures.
Sep 07, 2018 · Reply
Seonaidh Guthrie
I can only imagine how hard it was , I think if that is the way you are raised you would be fine . I think if I were to live like that a day I would not .
Sep 07, 2018 · Reply
Looking Young and Beautiful
For sure I feel lazy! The people who lived during the depression, including my parents, worked really hard and got almost nothing in return. But they had family and, in the end, that's all that mattered, right? They survived and are made better/stronger for it today.
Sep 07, 2018 · Reply
Marie Boyer
And with growing and harvesting their on food,doing all that exercise were way more healthy that those coming up now.
Sep 07, 2018 ·
Beth Gordon
My Mother told many stories about the Great Depression.
Sep 07, 2018 · Reply
Sherry Hollett
Great pic!!!
Sep 07, 2018 · Reply
Esther Evans
But they did have a car....
Sep 07, 2018 · Reply
Josalyn Buchanan
Esther Evans Look to the "right side" of the house, Black "Ford"???? Lol, So Cool !!
Sep 07, 2018 ·
Kim Sparkles Hightower
I can picture all 10 of them piled on each other’s laps if they drove together somewhere. (If anyone could afford gas.)
Sep 08, 2018 ·
Josalyn Buchanan
Kim Sparkles Hightower Has was probably 4 cents a gallon but if you only earned 3 cents an Hour it might be hard. 😇
Sep 08, 2018 ·
Kim Sparkles Hightower
Josalyn Buchanan it’s so amazing how they were a generation of survivors.
Sep 09, 2018 ·
Josalyn Buchanan
Kim Sparkles Hightower My Grandma was born in the early 1900'S and the chores They did, before school were Unbelievable to Me !!! School was required until the 6th Grade, after then there was College, if you could Afford it or More Work. Colored Kids could not go to Any College. A different World.
Sep 09, 2018 ·
Anna Gardner
My grandma grew up in a cabin like that, in Eureka UT, with 10 siblings.
Sep 07, 2018 · Reply
Richard Shelton
My dad told me a story about the depression pork chops were 5 cents a pound I said wow that was cheap yall ate good he laughed and responded sure was cheap but no one had a nickel
Sep 08, 2018 · Reply
Lou Isa
Matte Black
Sep 08, 2018 · Reply
Mary Burroughs
I was born 2 years after the depression. We were very poor. But we had a loving mother that made us realize everyone was having a hard time. I had 7 siblings. I was the youngest. My mother was an excellent seamstress and she made our dresses out of feed sacks. They were pretty. No one would have known. We were very proud of them..we didn’t have the greatest of different foods but lived on a farm and never went to bed hungry.
Sep 08, 2018 · Reply
David Maroney
That’s the worst roof I’ve seen in a building inhabited.
Sep 08, 2018 · Reply
Dovie Kay Fisher
My grandparents and two children lived in a hen house during the depression. They made it through the adversities and later bought a farm on 89 acres. Working hard paid off.
Sep 08, 2018 · Reply
Ericka Courtney
We are lazy as hell with our entitled asses. Its really sad. We go to work and that's it.
Sep 08, 2018 · Reply
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