De Dion Bouton - 1905 Reims, France

Georges Foureaux at the wheel of an old car, De Dion Bouton type G, in France, Reims, 1905

Taken: in Reims France

People in This Photo

Georges Foureaux
Age: 23
Born: Dec 14, 1882

Comment on De Dion Bouton - 1905 Reims, France

This family is also in sweden
Jun 22, 2011 · Reply
The family is in Brazil...
Jul 04, 2009 · Reply
I think I have found this family in the 1901 Census of Canada. Go to [external link]
and look in Nova Scotia, Digby, Plympton, o, page 4.
Apr 19, 2004 · Reply
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