Diane's Northampton Area Senior High School 1961 Yearbook photo moment please
Diane's Northampton Area Senior High School 1961 Yearbook photo
Diane's 1961 Senior Yearbook photo from Northampton Area Senior High School (Northampton, Pennsylvania, USA).

Next to her photo it reads, "Church Activities. Likes good books . . . drawing, skating . .. Teenage or Hillside . .. a receptionist's desk is in her dreams. Secretarial. Senior Class Play
Date & Place: at Northampton Senior High School 1619 Laubach Avenue, in Northampton, Northampton County, Pennsylvania 18067, United States
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Diane Faye Wieder
Diane Faye (Rodgers) Wieder of Bethlehem, Northampton County, PA 18015 was born on August 28, 1943 in Northampton, Northampton County, Pennsylvania United States, and died at age 57 years old on March 8, 2001 in Fountain Hill, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania 18015, United States.
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