Doty Family, Indiana

Updated Aug 20, 2020
NancyLee Garrett
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on Feb 26, 2006 8:05 PM
This family photo of the Doty Family in 1892, Johnson County, Indiana, one of central Indiana's early pioneer families appears to have been taken in the summer of 1892. Identifications in the photo may contain errors, and corrections are welcome. Seated adults and children standing in first row, left to right, are: James Robinson (10), Howard Robinson (37), unknown male, Jessie Blaich (7), Gotlieb Blaich (46), Harry Blaich (1), James Garrity (27), Angeline Garrity (6), Nathaniel Alfred Doty (65), Florence Robinson (4), Joe Rush (55), Frank Doty (4), Thomas Jefferson Doty (32), Fred Doty (2), Oscar Doty (6), Mary Doty (8), Grafton Doty (3), Calvin Doty (34), Hester Doty (8), Katie Doty (8). Adults (some with babies) and children or adolescents standing in back row, left to right, are: Harriet Robinson (36), Archie Robinson (born in 1892), Alfred Blaich (9), Alma Agnes Doty Blaich (38), Easter Doty Garrity (23), W.R. "Bill" Garrity (born in 1892), Alta Pearl Rush (12), Mary Catherine Doty Rush (41), Mary Agnes Sutton Doty (34), Everett Sutton (18), Albert Doty (21), Martha Doty (32), Anthony Doty (1). Nathaniel Doty is my great-great grandfather. Thomas Jefferson Doty is my great grandfather, and Mary Agnes Sutton is my great grandmother.
Date & Place: at White River Township in Johnson County, Indiana USA

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