Dr Jasper Newton Stacey & his Wife

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Dr Jasper Newton Stacey & his Wife
This is a photo of Jasper Newton Stacey MD added by Curtis Gann on March 24, 2021.
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Jasper Newton Stacey MD
Jasper Newton Stacey Md was born on March 10, 1851 in Missouri United States to Silas Scruggs Stacey Dr. and Arminda Matilda (Abbott) Stacey, and had siblings Arminda Matilda (Stacey) Truelove, John William Stacey, William Henry Stacy, G Newton Stacey, George Washington Stacey MD, James Henry Stacy, and Silas Monroe Stacey. Jasper Stacey died at age 70 years old on September 22, 1921 in Phoenix, AZ. Family, friend, or fan, this family history biography is for you to remember Jasper Newton Stacey MD.
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Candice Reichenberg
My name is Candice Reichenberg but my maiden name is Candice Stacey. I have 2 children and am married to David Reichenberg.
On my father's side I am a stacey and his mom's last name was Reynolds. On my mother's side I am a morton and on my grandmother maiden name was Hazlewood.
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