Elizabeth Keckley - dressmaker to Mary Todd Lincoln

Elizabeth Keckley- dressmaker to Mary Todd Lincoln. She was born into slavery and became a successful seamstress, civil activist, author and dressmaker to the First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln.
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Updated Jun 19, 2020

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Elizabeth Keckley was born a slave and began working as a nursemaid at age 4; who persevered and bought her and her son's freedom; and who began a successful business & became seamstress to the Washington D.C. elite. Friend of the First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln, Elizabeth established a relief association that assisted newly found freed people in getting situated after the ending of slavery.
Jun 19 · Reply
Tracy Thurman
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What a beautiful Lady 💗
Jun 19 · Reply
Andrea Nelson Elias
She is absolutely lovely.
Beth Van Tilburg
So beautiful and proud
Carol Dixon
just goes to show that in spite of more than difficult circumstances each person can be successful! No excuses!
Yes, but I often wonder why we have to make it difficult as a society. Why can't we support and encourage everyone from birth on. If someone is strong, how much more could they contribute if they didn't have to work so hard to overcome obstacles? :(
Beth Bailey Teepell
AncientFaces. This story is historical. Why are you responding to the comment as if it was yesterday? Does Your Ancient mind not understand any of the positive changes over the last 200 years?
Carol Dixon
AncientFaces who is WE?
Beth Bailey Teepell LOL - you're right - I do have an Ancient mind! I was thinking about everyone, at every time, that we (society) have seen as "other" and put up obstacles. I look at history throughout the millennia and see the same thing - only the group of people has changed. Even today, there are obstacles to peoples' happy lives. But you're absolutely correct - life has changed.
Carol Dixon "We" is society. Not individuals. There are plenty of supportive people.
Karen Bledsoe
Everyone, Carol? Even people with serious disabilities?
Mary Hirsch
Wow so awesome she did all of that!
Christine Swift
Bless her💖
Marikay Welsh
What a great woman
Lynda Lerum
Deb Redmond
Janet Mccormack Nawoj
I belive she is the subject of a novel;Mrs. Lincoln's Dressmaker or something like that.
Ellen Payne Whitley
Daughter of a plantation owner and half sister to his white daughters, one of whom she had to babysit when she was four years old. She excelled at sewing and eventually bought her freedom for the equivalent of $30,000 in today’s value .
Jennifer Drake
Beautiful. Good for her!
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