Fairmount Grade School 1926

Updated Nov 09, 2020
Phillip Pitzer shared a photo
on Aug 05, 2008 3:38 PM
Children who attended Fairmount Grade School, which was on the south west corner of Longview Road and Herren Road, in Center Township, Reno County, Kansas, in the year 1926-1927. We were able to identify some of those in the picture. If anyone knows others in the picture or that we have error-ed, please let us know and we will make changes accordingly. Fairmount Grade school closed 1942.

What we know about those in the picture:

Richard French is William Richard French, Jr., who married Wilma Coggins, brother of Myrtle Alice French who also is in this picture. Alice French married Galen Edward Perkins.

Hensley Hill is Harry Hensley Hill, married Marget Miller, Hensley is brother of Daisy Hill who married a Mr. Peirce and Ina Hill who married Mr. Knorp.

Raymond Wagler married the second time to Elizabeth "Lizzie" (Miller) Wagler, Raymond is brother of Willie Wagler, Laura Wagler and Mahlon Wagler.
Date & Place: at Center Township in Reno, Kaansas USA
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