Fleming Family

Fleming family photo: Viola, Archie and Theodore
Date & Place:
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Updated Jul 16, 2020

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Linzay Kelly
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Kathy Pinna
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Ancient Faces
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Viola, Theodore,and Archie Fleming in 1900. SO cute and so fashionable. Wish we knew more about their story and what happened to them.
Jul 16 · Reply
Debra Parum
So adorable 💞
Jennifer Burton
The parent's names are named Mathew and Mary Fleming. They also have a younger sibling named Morris.
Jennifer Burton
I researched it just now. The family is from Youngstown, Ohio.
Linda Haydell
Precious babies.❤❤❤
Meg Scott
I do, too.
Elizabeth Cary
My aunt dressed her boys in dresses in the 1930’s.
Nola Masters-Marchment
Love it beautiful
Kym Antonini
Absolutely gorgeous.
Yvonne Kelly
Omg!! They are so adorable!!!
Sally Roffey Ivison
Absolutely adorable x
Valenchia Sundin Hershberger
Such beautiful children 💜💙💜💙
Marilynn Marlow
What a precious photo!! Someone was a very talented seamstresses
Heather Daniels
Adorable ❤️
Linda Cucullu Newell
As someone who sews, I am always impressed with the time and skill it took to make the elaborate clothing of those days--probably sewn by hand.
Tina Vaughn
Beautiful children!
Patsy Clymer
So Sweet !!
Linda Woody
Not certain but a quick check of the 1910 U. S. Census via FamilySearch, shows a Fleming family with these children plus another - Youngstown Ward 6, Mahong, Ohio. Family of Mathew and Mary Fleming. Viola age 11, Theodore age 8, Archibald, age 6. I did not write down the name of the youngest child listed. Could possibly be these kiddos. Who knows?
Shynoor Zindagy Syeda
That tim was camera
Shynoor Zindagy Syeda
So cute love that banyes
Karen Holden
It used to drive me crazy because my grandma always wrote on photos. Must have been a “thing”
Hope Robbins
Aren’t they precious ?
Joy Midkiff Alba
Their names are on it!!! We know who they are!!!! That's SO more awesome than when who they are is lost to time!!!!
Donna Richwalski Winski
I hope they all had a long and happy life
Jul 16 · Reply
James Obrien
The oldest little girl is so beautiful! The little boys darling in those fancy dresses
Kasey Ann Khaghany
Excellent picture! (Is this one of the “hidden mother” photos?)
Deb Redmond
Beautiful children
Sherri Campbell Gehrdes
They look like little dolls!...LOL
Dweeze Elkind
Archie, great name that you don’t hear anymore. 💙🇺🇸🙏😷
Sue Kelliher
So Precious!! 💖💖💖
Jean Payne
Very pretty children !!
Roy Carol Candy
It was not easy to change diapers then . That is why boys had dresses on .
Lois Aquino
Precious babies
Pam Fellers
Roy Carol Candy
Beautiful children !
Maureen Pierson
Gorgeous children
Lynn Beck
Marilyn Waldie
Beautiful photo!
Beth Van Tilburg
Three little angels!
Billie Smith
Good looking kids decked out in their finery.
Erin Zerhusen
Absolutely beautiful picture!!!!
Gloria Rodas
Sooo cute!!! I have a pic of my grampa in a white gown!!!
Johanna Trayan
9 favorites
They dressed babie boys in dresses.
Jul 16 · Reply
Louise Navarrette Norgaar
Johanna Trayan no promises made, but I will try.
Johanna Trayan
9 favorites
Louise Navarrette Norgaar oh you are very sweet. Thank you.
Jul 16 ·
Louise Navarrette Norgaar
Johanna Trayan send me a message with details and maybe I can help. Message via Messenger on FB. I will look for it.
Johanna Trayan
9 favorites
Louise Navarrette Norgaar I wish I had the money to hire a professional.
Jul 16 ·
Louise Navarrette Norgaar
Johanna Trayan indeed.
Johanna Trayan
9 favorites
Louise Navarrette Norgaar wow, how nice.
Jul 16 ·
Louise Navarrette Norgaar
Johanna Trayan that is from the FB group, DNA Detectives. They assist adoptees find their birth families. They do this for free.
Johanna Trayan
9 favorites
Louise Navarrette Norgaa search Angel? What is that?
Jul 16 ·
Louise Navarrette Norgaar
Johanna Trayan I've been very fortunate in finding relatives. I even ran across a photo of my 4th Great Grandmother, so now I know what she looks like.

Helped a couple of cousins find their father, my uncle from Grandma's second marriage and a second cousins father. The latter was with the help of a Search Angel not by myself alone.
Johanna Trayan
9 favorites
Louise Navarrette Norgaar oh me too. I tried to find my grandfather. Not much luck.
Jul 16 ·
Louise Navarrette Norgaar
Johanna Trayan amateur one but yes. I've been doing this since 1986 when my paternal Grandfather died.
Johanna Trayan
9 favorites
Are you a genealogist?
Jul 16 ·
Johanna Trayan
9 favorites
Louise Navarrette Norgaar interesting.
Jul 16 ·
Louise Navarrette Norgaar
Johanna Trayan yes they did. Then in short pants and finally long pants.
Juanita Harris Grimsley
De Leah Owens Kohl
Lena Tate-Ervin
177 favorites
🌹Gorgeous little girls🌹
oh wait not all girls lol still cute as buttons❤
Jul 16 · Reply
Lena Tate-Ervin
177 favorites
AncientFaces lol it's about the same today. You have to guess lol
Jul 17 ·
LOL - yeah, 2 boys and a girl! Fashions from those days confound our current brains! :)
Carol Veloza
Lora Gillman Boston
Pretty babies
Lisa Hickman
Lisa Gladin
Oh my giddy aunt! They are adorable!
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