Frances Coon Burke Northrup

A photo of Frances (Coon) Burke Northrup, my maternal 2nd great grandmother. She was born in Elmira, NY on Nov. 23, 1867. Daughter of Mary Murphy Coon ( b. 1847 in Ireland) and Sergt. Philip Coon ( b. NY) She married John Burke (b. 5-30-1862, PA d. 6-30-1899) they had the following children: Mary "Mae" Katherine Burke Stark; Walter Burke d. age 13; Winifred Burke d. 16 yrs; Elizabeth "Lizzie" Burke Pyott; Helen Burke Holland; Lorretta Burke Holland; Harriet Burke Cortright; Fredericka Burke Truesdale. She also had a daughter Ruth M. Northrup in 1903. Frances is buried in Tioga Point Cemetary, Tioga, NY.

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Frances (Coon) Burke Northrup
Born: Nov 23, 1868

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