Frederick W. Dean

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Frederick Dean was born in England (don't know where) abt 1799 - lived in Lewiston, Niagara Co., NY. He came to Detroit MI as a young single man in 1820. On two different passenger lists, the other being 1821 0r 1822, both on ships from London. So he must have gone back to visit his family. He was a butcher by trade and had a butcher shop in Detroit. He married there abt 1826 a young widow, Barbara Roon Troy, with three children, surname Troy: Alice, George, and Jane (who died young). Barbara was born in Co. Cork, Ireland, and moved with her family when she was young, to Halifax, Nova Scotia. She married Joseph Troy there.
Frederick and Barbara had six children beginning in 1828: Emma, Frederick Jr. (died young), Edmund and Ann (they were twins), William Henry, and Lucy May.
They left Detroit about 1939 and went somewhere in Ontario Canada. Lucy was born there (my great grandmother). The family returned to the US, to Niagara County, New York, by 1848. The family home was in the small town of Lewiston, near the city of Niagara Falls. Frederick owned a grocery store and meat market. Also a livery stable.
Emma married James Wagoner, then Benjamin Foose. Moved to Michigan.
Edmund Howard married Emeline Colbath. Remained in Niagara County. Was a U.S. Customs Inspector.
Ann B. married Thomas H. Peck and moved to Sacramento, California abt 1855.
William Henry married Ada Marie Brook and remained in Niagara Falls.
Lucy May married Benjamin E. Brown in California, having followed her sister there.
Troy children:
Alice married Charles A. Jones in Chicago IL.
George married Catherine ____. Lived in Chicago.
Frederick W. Dean died in the Suspension Bridge area of Niagara Falls in 1880. Buried at Oakwood Cemetery.
Barbara Roon Troy Dean died at Edmund's home in Youngstown NY 1892 at age 96. Also buried at Oakwood Cemetery.
Date & Place: in Niagara Falls, Niagara County, New York United States
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