From Mary Patterson Rode's Album

This was in Mary's photo album. Other than what is below, I do not know if he's related. If you recognize him, please contact me.

This picture is on a real hard cardboard-type paper. It has a notation on the back! It says ~ as well as I can read the fancy cursive writing, "Truly Yours A F (or T) Kinney Elmira (?) NY". It has a 2 cent stamp ~ I don't believe it's a USPS stamp because under Washington's picture, it says "Playing Cards". It also has a photographer's information stamped on it which reads: "Photographed by Keet and Gemmill, Corner Third and Market Sts. Harrisburg, PA. Duplicates furnished at any time. No. 5216". Imagine that! Duplicates furnished at any time. Not knowing my military uniforms, could someone inform me whether this guy was in War of 1812, Civil War, or what.
Date & Place: Unknown
Unknown - Unknown

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