Gaither, AR Cemetery - Decorations Day - Civil War Veterans

Updated Oct 20, 2019
Brenda Watson shared a photo
on Apr 25, 2007 5:30 PM
(Picture found in scrapbook in Memphis, TN 2007)

Glimpse of Yesteryear

Pictured here is a group of Confederate and Federal Veterans at May 30 Decoration Day at Gaither about 1910. Gaither Cemetery is in distance at rear.

Left to right

Henry Eligah Dart, Federal; James Polk Jones, Confederate; William Clar, Confederate; Halsford (Tuck) Ratcliff, Confederate; Vach Hickman, Federal; Rafus Cone, Confederate; Marion Long, Federal; Pete Cook, Federal; Rev. J. M. Richardson, Confederate; James Wasson, Confederate; Ben M. Estes, Confederate.

(Picture is property of Dr. Troy Coffman, 1910)
Date & Place: in USA

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