Gene Nelson

A photo of Gene Nelson with Virginia Mayo
By Michaela Owens . . .
Gene Nelson
I will never understand how Gene Nelson didn’t become a bigger star. He could sing; he proved his mettle as an actor in both comedic and rare dramatic roles; and he could dance like no one else. When this guy moved, it’s like his feet didn’t even touch the ground. And they often didn’t! In She’s Working Her Way Through College, he does a number in a gym that starts on a single dangling rope before seguing into basketball, gymnastics, boxing, and tap dancing. In Tea for Two, he flits up and down a staircase, including the railing. He just floats through the air in things like “The Farm off Old Broadway” and “Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart.” What a ridiculously marvelous talent.

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Gene Nelson
Mar 24, 1920 - Sep 16, 1996
Sherman Oaks, CA

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