George Mather & 1926 Soccer Team San Jose CA

Updated Apr 04, 2018
Pam Marks
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on Sep 01, 2011 2:04 PM
George Mather in "The Bell" yearbook, 1926, San Jose High School's soccer team. The following was written about their season:
"..on account of many disadvantages the soccer team had very little success this season...but the boys worked hard under this handicap and were coached by Delos Wolfe, a former soccer team member. The weather conditions were very poor, which kept the boys from practice a great deal, and most of the games were forfeited due to the condition of many of the players....the team played two games and showed a true fighting spirit from the beginning to the end of the games...." George Mather is dressed in sweater and slacks, standing right side of photo.
Date & Place: at San Jose High School in San Jose, California USA

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