Great, great grandmother

Mary Ann is wearing a gold chain with a small gold medallion which I inherited from my grandma's button box.
Date & Place:
None / Unknown


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Liz Youle
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Lynette Davey
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Lynette Davey
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Hello Liz, Do you happen to know where this photo was taken? Do you have birth and death dates on Mary Ann Revill? Where is she buried? Where was she born and where did she die? Was she married? Great photo, thanks for posting it. I am researching the Revel/Revell/Revelle/Revill folks in SE MO and other states. Is Revill Mary Ann's maiden name or married name? I have other Revill's in my files, but no Mary Ann. Your assistance & time would be much appreciated. I have posted pictures under the surname Revelle in [external link]

Lynette Davey
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Oct 04, 2004 · Reply
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