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at Kruse Studio, in Chicago, Illinois United States


Mary Leifeld, sister or Theckla Leifeld, daughter of Joseph Leifeld and Elisabeth Walter Leifeld...Heinrich Andrea/ Andres has ties to Ohio Andres families as well as some in Kansas.
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Thomas Donaghy
Born: Apr 14, 1828
Coletta Ward Keating
May 2, 1888 - Nov 8, 1919
Oil City, PA, United States
Laverne Marie (Demoy) Bohrer
around 1920 - around 2000
New Kensington, PA, United States
Theckla Maria (Leifled) Borer/ Bohrer
around 1840 - around February 1919
Arnold, PA, United States
Rachel (Rees) Moreland

Pittsburgh, PA, US
Harry A. Buss
around 1881 - 1963
Albert Borer, Sr.
around Apr 20, 1870 - around Oct 13, 1954
Arnold, PA, United States
Katherine "Kate" (Rees) Stotsbury
Born: around August 1873
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