Henry Reed family

found in photos of Margaret Page Dunn (1861- 1853)Would like to know more about this family and how they relate to M.Dunn.
Date & Place: in Etowah or Calhoun county?, Alabama Or Possibly OK United States
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Jerry Dagenhart
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Thanks to your correspondence and a Little research,I believe this family is the
Henry and Lula D Reed Family of Etowah Alabama.
The Chidlren in the 1900 census match gender and age exactly and Margaret B Dunn lived in the same Precinct in 1900 in Etowah County.

The Chidlren are
Walter A
Mandie L
Mattie E
James L
Eddie B
Ethel M

and Baby Henry R on his Fathers knee
I also believe that Lula May be a Dunn
or a sister to Margaret B
Jul 07, 2004 · Reply
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