Higgins Grayson family

Melvin Higgins and Catherine Grayson daughter of Wren and Lucinda. They had 10 children if these are the oldest then they would be Lucinda, Minnie, Odessa, Fannie. but I am not sure...
Date & Place: Unknown
Feb 27, 1842 - Unknown 1842 - ?
Oct 1843 - Unknown 1843 - ?

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Rickson Higgins
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Rickson Higgins
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I am looking for my roots (ancestors) from Ireland to mainland somewhere around in 1780-1870's. From US mainland to East Pacific around 1890-1900. My grade grade grand father's name was Johnny Higgins, as I remembered my grade grandfather George W. Higgins told my father (Wilson W. Higgins) that his ancestors came from Ireland. They were sailors (traders or whalers) during the time they came to Federated States of Micronesia (Pohnpei). Johnny Higgins married to Mokilese lady (Liliy) and have two kids in 1880's. The local people really respect my grade grade grade grandfather because he was smart and though. The local people said he is white and from other country not in the Pacific. Johnny's kids name: Maryane Higgins and Goerge W. Higgins married to the local people of Pohnpei and here I am searching the factual of my roots. My name is Rickson W. Higgins, working for the Department of Education in Pohnpei FSM as a LAM(Library/Archive/Museum curator) coordinator. I am married and have four kids. Kimo Higgins, Hollis R. Higgins, Xaymara Higgins and Chloe Jewel Higgins. My e-mail address: [contact link]. Tel#(691)320-1160. I like to know my ancestors, if there are some relevant names such as Johhny,Goerge Higgins from Ireland to US mainland to the Pacific. Thank and Kalangan.
Aug 27, 2009 · Reply
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