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This is a picture that was hanging in my mother's grandparent's house, called the Boone House, I believe in Roanoke, VA. What I can make of the photo, painting, or sketch, is a young indian lady, with a feather in her hair, two long braids, and wearing what may be traditional indian clothing. I believe its very old, maybe from the 1800s. If its a painting, it may have been done by Rosa Boone, my great great grandmother, who was a talented painter, a self portrait, or maybe even one of her mother or one of her daughters.

What happened was I found another researcher that is related to me, and when I asked her about our Cherokee heritage, she didn't know about any of it, but she did remember a family member (that we both knew), that asked who the indian lady in the photo was, and our relative said it was a family member. My mom doen't remember the actual photo or picture, but it may be because her grandmother, Julia Boone, who was said to be 1/2 Cherokee, died when my mother was only 5 or so. She remembers her having long black hair always in a long braid, and my mom's dad, mom, and grandpa were the ones that told her about the indian side. I have a couple photos of Julia, one old old one of her wearing what looks like an indian print. So, I asked the other researcher if she would have any clue where the original painting or photo of the indian woman would be, and she didn't know. So later that week, while at my mom's house, I went through her photos again, and found an old 4x6 with the family at the Boone house, and in the background I saw the very paining/or photo of the indian woman. So, I took a picture of that picture, then zoomed in and cropped, and tried to sharpen it as much as I could. Since I know its a family member, I'd like to find out who it is, I know Julia was 1/2 indian, but I don't know if it was on her mom's or dad's side. I have a picture each of her mom and dad, and believe both may have been half. So if you recognize this photo, please let me know. I know on Julia's dad's side, he had a cousin names Pocahontas (not the famous one I know, but I'm having doubts now whether she was Cherokee or actually Powahtan). If you recognize this photo, please give me an e-mail.
Date & Place: at Hung in Boone House, in Roanoke, Virginia USA
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