Issac Newton and Mary Elizabeth Barrs' Family

The first Barrs relatives of Al Barrs, Jr. to settle in Day (Daytown to we natives.) were my Great Grandfather Isaac Newton Barrs and his wife Mary Elizabeth Boyet-Barrs. Both Great Grandparents were born in Lowndes County Georgia. (Great Grandmother Mary Elizabeth Boyet's surname spelling is unclear. It has interchangeably been found spelled Boyet in the Federal Census Reports, Boyt, Boyet, Boyette and Boyett in the Brooks County Georgia history book "Brooks County Echoes of Its People." Her father was Ashley Boyet of Lowneds and later Brooks County FL. Grandpa Isaac Newton Barrs and Mary Elizabeth Boyett were married in Brooks County Georgia on January 29, 1873. Brooks County Georgia was divided from Lowndes County in 1858. G Grandfather Isaac Newton Barrs build a general store in Day in 1904, owned a two story pioneer hotel/boarding house and built three large homes near Day and Brewer Lake. He and G Grandmother Elizabeth are buried in the Day Demetery. Al Barrs e-Mail; [contact link]
Date & Place: in Day Lafayette County , Florida USA
Feb 13, 1875 - Unknown
1869 - Unknown
Nov 26, 1881 - Unknown
Feb 29, 1884 - Unknown
Jan 3, 1897 - Unknown
Unknown - Unknown
1824 - Unknown
Jan 5, 1879 - Unknown
Mar 11, 1857 - Unknown
Sep 15, 1849 - Unknown

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Al Barrs
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