Jade Michel Alexander McCoy

Updated Feb 22, 2014
Carrie Mccoy-gernert
Carrie Mccoy-gernert shared a photo
on Feb 20, 2014 10:07 PM
This is my one and only love of my life Jade. Jade was adopted when he was 3 months old long story and very sad. But Jade was born July, 13th 2002 he will be 12yrs old this year 2014 he is super smart I'm told and I know has a wounderful huge family of 6-7sibblings . He lives in Flint MI with his adopted family my adopted parents go out and see him every year just about I get to see him grow up threw pictures and strorys and some vidios. Not one day gos by or even minuets in a day that you are not on my mind and always in my heart. Love you miss you to. I didn't want for you to not be with my honey and don't ever think I didn't want you or love you EVER I love you that much son I wanted you to have everything in life I didn't have and didn't not want you to be in the system yer whole life or make you struggle all the time cause mommy didn't have anything no way to give you what you needed in life to survive no money, no where to live, no way to make sure you had or could do great things in or with yer life. It kills me everyday to not be with you and not be apart if every second of ur life. I can not turn back time jade or make up for time lost. I'm sorry I'm not their and I've missed you growing up but I'm always with you in ur heart and in spirt. We will soon meet and be face to face and I will always be their. Please if you ever find this pic and read this please know I just wanted you to have everything I couldn't give you at that time you are more then loved son and believe me it kills me everyday is a struggle for me in everyway I open my eyes from sleeping and instently crycause of the thoughts of everything that has hhappened in my life but I'm greatful you will have better oppritunitys then I ever did or do now. Always know Mommy loves you with all my heart and every speck of blood I'm made of will always love you and have ur best interests in my mind and heart. So love you baby boy and until our day comes for reuniting ur always with me and remember that. Until then love you. - Your Birth Mother - Carrie Grace McCoy
Date & Place: Unknown

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