John & Maria (Bassett) Holton, Wisconsin

John & Maria (Bassett) Holton, Superior, Wisconsin: Maria Bassett was born in Lingards, Yorkshire; John Holton was born in Paulerspury, Northamptonshire. Maria: daughter of Thomas Bassett (1829-1882) and Sophia Shaw (1832-1875). John: son of John Holton (1822-1862) and Sarah Ratlidge (1821-1890).

Taken: in Superior, Wisconsin United States of America

People in This Photo

John Holton
Born: Nov 25, 1856
Maria (Bassett) Holton
Born: Aug 30, 1859

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John Holton was the brother of my Great-Great Grandmother, Rosanna Holton. Sincerely, Deb Breazeale
Nov 06, 2003 · Reply
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