John Sositko and his children

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John Sositko with most of his children and their spouses in Hamilton, Butler County, Ohio in about 1962.
Front Row: Joseph "Joe" Sositko and Jennie (Sositko) Harrison [also known as 'Jean'].
Back Row: Pauline (Guyler) Sositko, Mary (Sositko) Ridenour, Helen J. (Sositko) Cook, John Sositko, William "Bill" Harrison and Fred W. "Bud" Cook.
The family surname of Sositko was shortened to Sitko for a short time in the 1930's. It's on some of the marriage records. Helen was first married to George Henry. Jennie was first married to Samuel "Sam" Cayse.
This photo was most likely taken by Wilbur Ridenour (or one of John Sositko's grandchildren) and it was probably taken on the same day as the photo of John Sositko and his grandchildren from his children in this photo.
Helen and Fred Cook's daughter, Terry remembers her parents and her aunts and uncles voting for John F Kennedy for President in 1960 and she remembers them staying awake all night on election night to see if he won the presidency.
Helen worked at Mercy Hospital in Hamilton, Ohio. She was the head cook.
Mary and Jennie worked at the coffee shop at Mercy Hospital in Hamilton, Ohio.
Pauline was a nurse's aid at Mercy Hospital in Hamilton, Ohio.
Joe worked at Pillsbury.
Date & Place: in Hamilton, Butler County, Ohio United States


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