Johnson Family

Couple on left is possibly my great great grandparents. The other couple is related to them but not too sure it what way.

Found with pictures my grandmother Mabel Erkfitz Johnson had in her collection
Date & Place: in Michigan United States
None / Unknown


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Carol Plessinger
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Carolyn McCormick
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Mar Hays
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Carolyn McCormick
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Carol, hello, Do you have any idea where in Michigan this photo was taken? I am searching for around the Muskegon area for Johnson's. Also do you have any idea about what year? What was Mabel's husband's name. You can email me at [contact link]. Thanks Carolyn.
Oct 06, 2004 · Reply
Mar Hays
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Carol, My Johnsons are out of NY/Conn/Pa area into the midwest. Do you know where your ancestors started out? thanks Marlena [contact link]
Oct 24, 2004 · Reply
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