Johnson Farm

Written on back of photo is Mr. and Mrs. G. Johnson and C. Johnson and Jim the old horse. These individuals are George and Sarah Johnson and Charles Johnson. I think this was taken in the late 1800's and is located in the southern part of Michigan, possibly the Monroe area.
The horse is the only one that is clearly identified in this picture.
Date & Place: in Michigan United States
None / Unknown


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Carol Plessinger
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J.M.Jay Ingalls
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Dave Unknown
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J.M.Jay Ingalls
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Location always helps. Where did the ancestors live?

Feb 16, 2003 · Reply
Dave Unknown
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There is a George & Sarah Johnson related to the Green side of my family, they lived in St Johns, Clinton County, Michigan all their lives. If you find that this family is connected, let me know!

Jun 11, 2004 · Reply
Carol Plessinger
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Until about 2 weeks ago, I had no idea where the location of this photo took place but have since found out it was in Michigan either in Tecumseh or Battle Creek area.
Jun 16, 2004 · Reply
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