Joseph Henry Gregory Family

Bob Gregory's paternal great grandparents and family. Photo taken prob. in Altus, Jackson Co., OK. Year not known.
Date & Place: in Altus, Oklahoma USA
Mar 29, 1891 - Unknown
1895 - Unknown
Jun 14, 1897 - Unknown
1883 - Unknown
Jul 28, 1885 - Unknown
1888 - Unknown
1900 - Unknown
Oct 2, 1859 - Unknown

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Kathy Gregory
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Audra Killgore
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Angela Whiting
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Angela Whiting
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I have a really old photograph album from around 1888 to a Harriet Gregory. It has been passed down to me from my great uncle and i have no idea who these people are. After seeing this family photo I can definitely see a resemblance with some of the people. I would be very grateful for any help with this?

Feb 15, 2012 · Reply
Audra Killgore
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I also have this photo. It was published in a book of Gregory history with slightly differing names and dates (some match as well). Write me if you would like to compare info. I also have some other old photos that I plan to post here soon.
Aug 16, 2003 · Reply
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