Kentucky Town School House 1921/1922

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Hugh Miller (my great grandfather) labeled as, "Fat Miller." Frank Miller (my great grand uncle) with the arrow above his head. Both top row. Lowell Hansard (Frank's friend and future brother-in-law) top row, with overalls, last person. Irene Miller (3rd row, last person, wearing black furry hat, glaring into camera). Elinor Miller, bottom row, 6th person, face circled, wearing a greyish dress and ugly boots.
in Whitewright, Grayson County, TX United States


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Dr. Edward Clarence Miller
around Jun 26, 1886 - Nov 29, 1980
Van Alstyne, TX, United States
James William Miller
Dec 30, 1877 - Aug 27, 1968
Calera, OK, United States
Mary J. Dicken
Born: 1856
John R. Dicken
May 5, 1832 - Jul 13, 1921
Maud, TX, United States
Isabella Almorine Dicken
Jan 22, 1858 - Nov 22, 1900
John Clinton Miller
Sep 6, 1876 - Jan 17, 1915
TX, United States
Jacob Warren Miller
around Feb 9, 1855 - Mar 5, 1921
Whitewright, TX, United States
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