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School days in 1961--Mrs. Bower's kindergarten class at John J. Pershing Elementary School in Lincoln, Nebraska. Several of these students went on to attend Robin Mickle Jr. High or Dawes Junior High in Lincoln, Nebraska. Many were reunited at Lincoln Northeast High School in 1971; then graduated from Lincoln Northeast in 1974. Several of these students were my Sunday school and confirmation classmates, as well. Below I have identifed as many as possible...are some of these your relatives?

Mystery: This is Mrs. Bower's 1961 kindergarten class at John J. Pershing School in Lincoln, Nebraska. I have identified some students, but can you identify more of these sweet faces?
at John J. Pershing Elementary School, Lincoln, Lancaster, Nebraska United States


That may be me bottom right standing infront of the teacher.
Feb 08, 2013 · Reply
If it helps, this was a morning kindergarten class....Regards, LeAnn
Jul 04, 2013 · Reply
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