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A family reunion in Ohio - with Laughbaums, Reids and Schumakers. Known in this photo: Dorothy Ellen Reid,
Mercile Laughbaum, Aaron Harvey Laughbaum, Barbara Ellen Schumaker, Otterbein F Laughbaum, Kittie Frances (Fast) Laughbaum, Virgie (Laughbaum) Reid, Charles T. Reid, Elias Laughbaum, Weston Laughbaum, Ida Jane (Snider) Laughbaum, Henry Thurston Laughbaum, and Nancy Pfeiffer Laughbaum .

Mystery: There are many people in this group photo - I know with very good authority only about nine or ten of them. If anyone else can help put some names with faces, that would be wonderful. I can also send hard copies to anyone doing family research.
in OH United States


The elderly man with the beard in the third row is Absolom Snider. The white haired lady slightly behind him to his right, your left, is Effie Ellen Trovinger Snider, his wife. Directly behind Effie is their son in law, Weston Stanley Laughbaum. to his right is Ida Jane snider Laughbaum with their Daughter, Martha Ellen Laughbaum Hoover on her lap. They had a farm west of Galion and I think her parents lived with them for awhile. Absolom was a preacher and at one time preached at the Evangelical United Brethren Church in Galion. This would have been after the turn of the century. In the early part of the century, the church was on East Walnut Street in Galion. When in burned down in the early '50's, it was relocated to Cherry St. Now it is a United Methodist Church.I love this picture and wish I knew more about it. I recognize Aaron and Thurston, but the girls and Elias are harder for me to find. Weston and Ida were my grandparents, although I never knew her. My Dad was not in the picture because he was 8 years younger than Martha Ellen. I also do not see Nancy Pfeiffer Laughbaum. I have several pictures of her so I know what she looks like, I just don't see her. Perhaps you can help with identifying those I don' t see.
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