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Photo taken July 26, 1923 in Clay County, Tn. Front Row - Irene Lee, Odalean (Long) Jones, Haden Lee, Jim Carey holding Hasper Carey, Malcolm Short knelt
by Hasper, Dane Short standing behind Malcolm and Paul Lee with dog.
2nd Row - Bailey C. Long on left, Newt Cherry, Estelene Jones held by Lina (Lee) Long, unnamed woman holding child, Bettie (Lee) Kirby, Iza Mae Short, holding Irma Short, Bertha Cherry, Opal Short held by Docia Short.
Back Row - Monroe Lee, Farris Short, Buford Cherry, Raymond Short holding
Irene, and Harry Lee.
in Clay County, Tennessee United States of America


I love how only the younger generation is smiling! My guess is that the older generation grew up at a time when smiling on camera was a no-no, because photos would take so long to expose and it would tire you out.
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