Lettie (Mead) Teed Evans, Montana 1929

Updated Jan 09, 2020

My grandmother Lettie (Mead) Teed Evans in 1929 and her 'Little Old Sizzler' the day she traded it in on a new car. Her dog Rex is beside her. Taken in front of the house they rented in Vaughn, Montana.

Taken: in Vaughn, Montana United States of America

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AncientFaces 1929 Montana: 91 years ago, this is so classic - a woman, her car, and her dog. The "Little Old Sizzler" (do you know the make and model?), the fashion, and her home date the photo - the doggie is timeless!
Jan 09 · Reply
Lettie's maiden name was Lettie Adella Mead.
Jun 07, 2004 · Reply
What was Lettie's maiden name?
Jun 07, 2004 · Reply
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