Little girl, bike trike

Updated Jun 22, 2020 moment please
Little girl, bike trike
Other photos found with this one marked 1920s/1940s Iowa
Date & Place: Not specified or unknown.
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This found photo is thought to be from the 1920s - 1940s in Iowa. Just looking at her makes us smile - and you?
Ginger Mccrory
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She’s adorable
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Kat Schwartz
I am fascinated by old photographs, especially those of my ancestors and ones that show the history of cities I've visited (plus World's Fair photos). Old photographs separated from people who want them seem to be attracted to me which is good if I can find those people but also inconvenient because this is not an easy task.
Sherry DeRoche-Beacom-Cooke
Fifth great granddaughter of Pierre Lafitte, fifth great grandneice of Jean Lafitte by birth. Marriage to Cooke of England/Oklahoma/Texas. Also looking for Gabriel Sturkey, Plum Branch, SC, who left military academy, joined Confederacy, fought with Custer, Mexican war, early Hoods Texas Ranger. Left for Texas and changed his name to Jesse Patrick Chastun. Admitted on his death bed that he was in fact, Gabriel Presley Sturkey of SC.
Kathy Pinna
I am researching Tasker, Jones, Bowen, Rees of Wales; Kroetch, Chartrand of Canada; and Boggs, Ferguson, Smith, of West Virginia and Eastern Kentucky. Also Steeples of Kansas. And on my mother's New England roots - well, too numerous to name since she descends from Mayflower passengers as well as Dutch East India captains who arrived with their families before the Mayflower landed further north than was planned. :)
I'm a Founder of AncientFaces and support the community answering questions & helping members make connections to the past (thus my official title of Founder & Content and Community Director). For me, it's been a labor of love for over 20 years. I truly believe with all of my heart that everyone should be remembered for generations to come. I am 2nd generation San Jose and have seen a lot of changes in the area while growing up. We used to be known as the "Valley of Heart's Delight" (because the Valley was covered with orchards and there were many canneries to process the food grown here, which shipped all over the US) - now we have adopted the nickname "Capital of Silicon Valley" and Apple, Ebay, Adobe, Netflix, Facebook, and many more tech companies are within a few miles of my current home in Campbell (including AncientFaces). From a small town of 25,000, we have grown to 1 million plus. And when you add in all of the communities surrounding us (for instance, Saratoga, where I attended high school, living a block from our current Mayor), we are truly one of the big cities in the US. I am so very proud of my hometown. For more information see Kathy - Founder & Content and Community Director
Unknown User
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