Marcia Suzanne Johnson Ambrose, b. 1942 earned her Doctor of Ministry in Biblical Studies from Patriot Bible University in Del Norte, Colorado Feb. 15. 2010

Michelle Smith
Michelle Smith shared a photo
on Jul 26, 2021 1:54 AM
My sister Marcia Suzanne Johnson Ambrose decided it was time she put her extensive knowledge, experience, and time into earning her Master and Doctorate Degrees. I'm so proud of her for putting in the effort to complete her dream of becoming a doctor. It didn't come to her in the way she expected it but she earned the right to be called Dr. Ambrose. I think it's AWESOME! She teaches classes at her church and shares her vast knowledge to counsel and educate others. She ROCKS!!
She gave an excellent talk at her graduation ceremony. She commands attention in large and small audiences and is a really, really good speaker. I was honored to attend it with her and we had a really good time together. We laughed at so many things and got to visit some historical sites and see wild animals. We enjoyed each other's company as adults in ways we seldom did as children. I love being a grown up!
Date & Place: at Patriot Bible College in Del Norte, Rio Grande County, Colorado United States 81132
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