Mary and William English, Raywood, Victoria, Australia

Updated Aug 05, 2020
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Gravestone of my Great-great grandparents and some of their children. Note the son James killed at Kaneira, Victoria. This town now known as Culgoa, Victoria. James was a Railway worker riding a trolley and an unnanounced train came around a bend.
Date & Place: Unknown
Unknown - 1937 ? - 1937
Age: ?
Unknown - 1931 ? - 1931
Age: ?
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My Great Grandfather emigrated to Australia in 1853 and went from Melbourne to Raywood, Victoria along with other Irish families as the Bendigo , or Sandhurst as it was known Gold Rush was on. Leaving Leinster, Dublin at a young age was difficult, but the English and moran families were great friends and by the time young George was 19 he married a very young Mary Moran and they resided some 1 mile north of Raywood. They had a son die at 18months, William. My Grandfather Robert Oswald, was the son of another of their siblings. named William and also there was Maggie.Robert Oswald married Martha Dolman and produced my father Robert James, William, Kathleen and Margaret, all deceased.
My father Robert James English married Margaret Eileen Mills and as a result of that union there were 9 children, 32 grandchildren, 38 great grandchildren and 5 great-great-great grandchildren. Any info required email [contact link]
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