Mary Ann Renno (Amos/Nigs) and the Phillips Family

One of the last known photos of Mary Renno, sitting, far right, with her Phillips family all identified in the caption under the photo. (Renno, amos, nigs, phillips)

Taken: in Madison, Arkansas United States

People in This Photo

John Henry Inman, Sr.
Born: Aug 23, 1889
Thursa Mae Inman Steele
Born: Apr 17, 1892
Greenberry Phillips
Born: Aug 24, 1881
Ferbia Phillips
Born: 1843
Tilda Catherine Inman Jones
Born: Apr 27, 1890
Desta Phillips
Born: Aug 6, 1886
Willis Phillips
Born: Dec 15, 1845
Bert Inman
Born: Sep 7, 1883
Martha (Phillips) Yingst
Born: May 12, 1868
Annie Yingst
Born: Dec 5, 1892

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