Mary Rosaline (Rosalie) Dotson Nestler

My Mother, daughter of Walter L. and May (Young) Dotson, upon her marrying my Father Loren Lewis Nestler, son of Alfred and Frances (Viets) Nestler, September 1, 1951 in St. Martin's Chapel, St. John's Episcopal Church, Denver, CO.


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Mary Rosaline (Rosalie) Dotson Nestler
Age: 26
Born: Feb 7, 1925

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She is a very beautiful lady. Does she live in AR or CO?
Jun 15, 2008 · Reply
Your mother is very beautiful. Also are your Dotson's related to the KY/VA/WV Dotson's? In case... my email is punkin13 (at) [external link]
If necessary to email me change the (at) to @ this is to keep email seekers from finding it..
Apr 05, 2004 · Reply
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