Mary Tilson

Mary Young was born in Richfield, New York, Married Moses Tilson or Tillson, She was the mother of Asa Tilson. She died January 18, 1869 in Otsego Co. New York
Date & Place: in Otsego County, New York USA
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Diana, My husband is descended from Moses and Mary through their son Asa who married Camilla Pierce. I have no other pictures but am thrilled to hear you do and that you live so close to where they lived. We live near Seattle. I mistakenly wrote that Mary was born in New York but have since learned she was born in Rhode Island. Is that you understanding? If it would be more convenient you may contact me at [contact link] Elsie
Jan 01, 2012 · Reply
Elsie, I was so thrilled to discover these photos on this website. I'm a descendant, on my mother's side of the family, of Moses and Mary Young Tillson and I live in the Butternut Valley of Otsego County, Morris, New York. Moses and Mary are my great-great-great-great grandparents and I'm assuming that you, too, are a direct descendant.
Moses and Mary's daughter Elizabeth Ann, born September 7, 1812, married Ebenezer Wright.
Their son Edgar Adelbert Wright, born September 22, 1849, married Amy Florence Hollister.
Their son Harold Alfred Wright, born March 18, 1891, married Charlotte Cowen.
Their daughter Pauline Amy Wright, born August 1, 1926, married Ralph Peter Nissen.
Their daughter, my mother, Doris Anielda Nissen, born November 21, 1938, married Gerard Bourgeois and I was born on January 24, 1958.
I have an old album of family photos, one of which is this photo of Mary Tillson, and as soon as I get the time, I want to share those photos with you. I also have Moses Tillson's spelling book and Elizabeth Tillson's Grammar, dated 1823, and an account book of Ebenezer Wright, who was a shoe maker, from 1829, in which there are many entries of work done for his wife Elizabeth Tillson's family. Diana Birdsall
Elsie Hunt
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Mary was born in 1785
May 20, 2009 · Reply
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