Montana Friends of Frank O'Barr

This photo was in a box belonging to Andrew Franklin "Frank" O'Barr (1887-1938). It is believed this photo was from his time living in Montana. He Was in Montana because of his service in the Army, between 1914-1923.

He married Lila Pauline Harvey on 19 September 1916 in Livingston, Park, Montana.

Their daughter, Harriet Genevieve, was born 29 April 1917 in Big Timber, Sweet Grass, Montana.

They divorced on 31 January 1919 in Livingston, Park, Montana.

If you know any details about this photo, please share. We have no information since the box was found after Frank's death.

What place, who in in the photo, any details.
Date & Place: in Montana United States
None / Unknown

Updated Feb 05, 2016

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