Nancy Finazzo & Bridesmaids

Wedding photo of Nancy Finazzo Pinna and her bridesmaids, June 1950. From L. to R: Nancy's cousin Marge Taccone; Nancy Finnazzo Pinna; putting penny in Nancy's shoe is Jacquline Cotter; standing on far right is Betty Fritz.
Date & Place:
Jun 16, 1931 - Living
Updated Jun 24, 2020

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Daniel Pinna
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Pamela Wells
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Ancient Faces
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The preface to a big Italian wedding in June 1950 Pennsylvania. Did anyone have a big wedding this year?
Jun 23 · Reply
Joan Savell
I married the following year 1961 at just 19 years of age my mother had married 20 years earlier at 19 years of age oddly enough my granddaughter their great granddaughter married on their wedding anniversary 72 years after they did she was 20 years old.
Sally Roffey Ivison
Beautiful x
Pam Kroetsch
Hey! I recognize one pretty little Italian girl in that photo!! ❤️
Kim Brooks
I was married in 1980 and my dress was a dead ringer to hers, even the hat!
Aardwolf Hitchin
they look so young
They were! At least the bride - just shy of 19.
Roy Carol Candy
The bride looks just like me !
Beth Van Tilburg
What beautiful women! Fantastic photo!
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