Native American Influenza

Updated Sep 19, 2016
Daniel Pinna
Daniel Pinna shared a photo
on Sep 27, 2011 2:49 PM
This is a photo of a Native American's home in Virginia City, Nevada during the Influenza epidemic. It reads:

Another type of dwelling in Virginia City. In this shack I found four people lying on the dirt floor wrapped in rags apparently all suffering from influenza.

I was told they had refused medicine from the white doctor and Dick Mauwee, a Paiute enrolled at Pyramid Lake Reservation, was the doctor.

The small four-light window admitted the only light. It was nailed tight, the only door was kept shut tight and no ventilation was attempted or was possible. The stench which greeted us when we entered was most horrible and could be endured but a short time.

An Indian had just been taken from this structure for burial. The father of the family was the Indian alluded on another page as a "walking case".
Date & Place: at Indian Reservation in Virginia City, Nevada USA

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