Nick Vernon with Nicole Caire and Family


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This is a Photo of Nicole Rouchon,nee, Caire. Nick Vernon is the man on whos lap she is sitting. Nick was an American soldier (paratrooper)stationed at the U.S. Army Calas Stageing area near her home indicated above. His name was Nick Vernon. Her mother, Augusta Marie Caire is seated to the far right. Sheworked for him while he was stationed near her home. Nicole's older brother and sister are in the middle. Nick stayed for 3 to 5 years. In 1948 or 1949 there was commemoration of the U.S toops arrival at Les Millesand. Nicole's memory is that he took part in it. It is not known when he left France. Nicole is attempting to find him or determine if he is still alive. She is in hope that if he is still alive, he willl contact her. Perhaps a family member will awre of this situation and contact Nicole. She would be forever greatful.
at Les Milles Calas France, in Marseille/Aix, Provence France


Frank A Rushong
Jun 19, 1908 - Apr 6, 1989
Camp Hill, PA, USA
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